01 9 / 2013

My name is Mistress Red.

I have created this blog to document the Chastity Training of a couple I have working with for a while.

This blog will go into detail of the why Women should use Chastity with the men in their lives to greatly benefit from it use, not only will their relationship become stronger but both people will become closer and happier than they have been before.

The couple will be referred to as:

Queen Maria & slave M

You may know their Tumblr blogs.



Starting Sept 1st they have agreed to let me document them in a 6 month Chastity Training regime.

I will post questions & answers from both of them along with myself, it will also include all of the training methods that they will be doing, this way other couples can benefit from their work.

This blog will only accept questions from registered Tumblr users, no Anonymous questions. I am looking for feedback and questions from people that are willing to provide something of value to this site.

I would like to ask you to follow and if you like participate with feedback and questions.

Thank You, Heather